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My Experience & 

History of my works

First wordpress job
-2021 Aug 13 cache ethiopia (cache_et.com) add some restorants with full menu including price

October 27 first day with semegn

-October 28 freelance ethiopia (freelanceethio.com) start to build with semegn

Then ltf coming to us and I was survive that 1 menth then
-Jan 7 Africa Foto Fest (africafotofair.com) website starting to build

-appril 17 massa (massa.armadaeth.com) blogging website start to build with semegn

-may 4 key to addis (keytoaddis.com) it gets some misteks and I will fix lot of things from this wedsite

-Jun 1 actuel furniture(actuelinteriors.com)
website reduild with Wix developer system developing by me

August 23 / 2022
Joining day with hype ethiopia teems

-August 23
Inkopa training (inkopatrading.com) start finilizing (creating an email, footer, header, products…)

-September 1 shangi plc (shangiplc.com)

Finilizing (Adding same project…)

– September 19 create mhur online school (mhur.net)
Design and develop this project … Now it’s for students later it’s including instructors

October 5
Bilt lij website this website building for big company this company created by habesha location with in dubai the purpose of this website is to sale luxury apartments and luxury houses

My position on this website to Add some apartments and houses in to this website
This website develop with Wix

October 7
Create a website for hype
– design and develop

October 17
Ethio counselor Full Branding and developing website for birukti

October 29
Starting rebuild

Rebuild more than 3 times

Design and develop for last

November 17
Arefayne therapy Branding and developing website

November 30
Join hooloo creatives team
Websit design and developing

December 8
Create nafkot concert this conert for aster aweke 

website  and develop

December 15
Just develop only

December 18
Rehobot promotion
Rebuild full website

December 23
Exfresh counselor full branding and website developing

January 12
Rebuild hooloo creatives website

January 17
Koba website add menu with design